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9 Tips to Write a Compelling Facebook Ad Copy for your Small Business

by Yasmeen Creative

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs use Facebook to advertise their products and services owing to its huge popularity. Facebook is the leading Social Media platform in registered users with almost 2.85 BILLION users worldwide including 45 million users in the U.K. alone. To run a successful ad campaign on the platform, you need high-quality image/video, an ad copy, and the right targeting.

More than one billion people from all over the world log onto Facebook daily to read the latest news, watch videos, look at pictures and connect with their friends.

Because of the tons of active users on the social media platform, businesses of all sizes use it to advertise their products and services to potential customers.

Types of Facebook Ads

As a Small Business Owner, there are two different types of Facebook ads you can use to show off what you’re selling to potential customers, i.e. sponsored posts and right-hand column ads.

Sponsored posts – These are prominent ads that appear in the Facebook newsfeed and can be seen when users scroll through their feeds.

Right-hand column ads – These ads usually appear in the right-hand column of Facebook. Though they’re smaller in size, they’re not easy to scroll past like sponsored posts.

Why Advertising on Facebook Works

The best thing about Facebook is that it allows ad targeting. Ad targeting simply means being extremely specific with the type of audience you want your ads to reach. Facebook allows you to target your ads based on:

Interests – You can advertise to people who have specific interests, like literature, entrepreneurship, fitness, fashion, etc.

Demographics – You can choose your target audience based on their age, job title, education level, income level, gender, etc.

Location – You can also advertise in the countries, states, cities, or communities where you do business.

Consumer behaviours – You can show your ad to people who have visited your website or made prior purchases.

Connections – You can include people who have already liked your Facebook page in your targeting or exclude them if you want to find a new audience for your product/service.

Why Copywriting Matters in Facebook Advertising

Up to this point, you’re probably wondering what copywriting has got to do with Facebook advertising. Well, an ad containing an image or video of your product/service alone isn’t enough to persuade people to buy.

Apart from high-quality and relevant visuals, you also need a compelling ad copy and the right targeting to run a successful Facebook ad.

Copywriting, therefore, helps you get the most out of your advertising investment by telling potential customers how your product or service benefits them and persuading them to take the specific action you want them to take.

Here are 9 strategies to help you craft a Facebook ad copy that converts:

How to Write a Compelling Facebook Ad Copy

Narrow Your Audience Using Facebook Targeting, then write to them.

Before advertising on Facebook, you must first know the type of people you want to reach with your ad.

If, for instance, you want to advertise garden hoses, your target audience can be people over 40 years living in London who are interested in home improvement. Similarly, if you’re selling pre-workout supplements, you can target people between 30 to 40, living in the UK who are interested in fitness.

Facebook targeting allows you to choose the specific audience you’d like to see your ad. Once you have your target audience, focus on their needs and wants, and then write an ad copy that addresses those needs.

2. Have Different Ads for Different Groups of People

Some Small Business Owners make the mistake of using one blanket ad to target all their potential customers. This is something you should avoid if you want your Facebook ads to convert highly.

Remember that there are different groups of people within your target audience who are interested in different products and services you’re selling.

For example, if you have a retail business selling men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, underwear, and activewear, you’ll have men and women coming to buy male and female products respectively.

So, it’s advisable to have different ads for the different groups. Write an ad for men interested in official shoes, another one for men interested in activewear, and another one for women interested in underwear, etc. Doing this goes a long way in ensuring that your ads reach the right audience.

3. Ensure That Your Visuals Match With Your Ad Copy

Another strategy to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads is by including great visuals that go together with your ad copy.

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t take the time to create appropriate images or videos for their ads beforehand. And when the time comes to run a Facebook ad campaign, they struggle to find the right visuals because they don’t have any in stock to choose from.

This can lead to attaching the wrong visual to your ad copy, which is disastrous for your campaign. Such an ad is unlikely to get clicked because potential customers will be wondering what exactly you’re advertising.

In the end, all the money and effort that went into creating and running the ad will be wasted.

4. Include One Clear Call-to-Action in Your Ad

Before running an ad campaign on Facebook, you also need to ask yourself what’s your main goal for advertising. Is it to increase awareness for your brand, sell your product or service, or get more qualified leads?

If your goal is to persuade potential customers to buy your products, make sure there’s a clear call-to-action (i.e. a “Shop Now” button) in your ad, encouraging them to visit your website and ultimately buy the products they need.

5. Keep Your Copy Short and Clear

Considering that you’re paying upfront for your Facebook ad, you may be tempted to use as many words as possible to explain more about your product to potential customers. Don’t yield to the temptation.

On the contrary, you should keep your Facebook ad copy as brief as possible. Ask yourself what value your product adds to the lives of potential customers.

In other words, what are they getting out of using the product? Once you know the value your product offers, write it in a clear and concise manner.

6. Write in a Simple Language

Also, remember to write your Facebook ad copy in a simple language that anyone can understand easily. When potential customers see your ad, it should tell them immediately:

– The product/service you’re offering

– How they’ll benefit from it

– What action you want them to take next

Try as much as possible to avoid using technical or poetic language as it will only confuse and drive away people.

7. Lead With the Numbers

Bear in mind that most potential customers want to know the cost of your product upfront. If you’re selling at a discount, they want to know the percentage they’re getting off and how long the discount will run.

Including these numbers, therefore, helps your customers to know exactly how much they need to have before making a purchase.

8. Get Another Person’s Perspective

It’s always a good idea to let third parties check your Facebook ad and tell you what they think before running it. These can be your co-workers, family members, or close friends.

The feedback you’ll receive can either be positive or negative. If it’s positive, it’s a sign that you’ve done a great job. If it’s negative, know that the third party is only trying to help you; it’s nothing personal. Make the necessary corrections right away to improve the quality of your ad.

But, if you’re not able to get another person’s perspective, check out the ads that appear when you scroll through your Facebook feed, and take note of the ones that you easily scroll past and the ones that you want to click on. Borrow an idea or two from the ads in the latter group to improve yours.

9. A/B Test Your Ad Copy

Lastly, you should A/B test your Facebook ad copy. A/B testing simply means showing two different versions of an ad to your target audience at the same time to know for sure which version resonates best with your target audience.

For instance, you can try running two ads with the same visual, but different copy. The first ad copy can be in the form of a statement, and the second one in the form of a question. This will help you know which ad receives the most comments, likes, and conversions from your audience.

When all is said and done, if you want your Facebook ad to ultimately lead to sales, you have to take the time to write a copy that’s convincing enough to get people to click on it. Hopefully, you’ll apply the copywriting tips above the next time you want to advertise on Facebook.

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