Branding Services

We develop tailored Branding solutions that help businesses connect with their target market, distinguish them from their competition and achieve long-term success.

Brands and Rebrands born out of meticulous research, accurate data, a thorough understanding of your Business and Audience, and a proven process.

New Brands, Product Branding, Complete Rebrands, Branded Websites, Branded Marketing Support, Stationery Branding, Brand Story Development, Simple Brand Strategy. Future-proof brands for commercial success. Let’s Chat.

Branding Services

Logo Design

Designed in London for a worldwide audience, creative Logos that set you apart from your competition, and inspire your Audience.

Bespoke Logo’s designed only after we develop a full understanding of your business, the values and image you want to project, and the audience you want to connect with. Revisions, Colour Palette advice, ideas and guidance available to you throughout the process.

Arabic Calligraphy Logos: A blend of Arabic and English, or Arabic only, we specialize in creating bespoke Arabic Calligraphy fonts, designs and Logos, timeless, elegant and always professional.

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Branding Services

Brand Strategy

A simple but highly effective Brand Strategy tailored to your Business.

Increase your Brand’s equity by having a message that is consistent, appealing and memorable, and that also aligns your offerings with your client’s needs.

We simplified the process, made it affordable, and now there’s no excuse for not investing in Strategy. From simple to comprehensive.

Get in touch to discuss Strategy and how it can help your Business.

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Branding Services

Stationery Designs

Professionally designed in London.

    • Business Cards.     Letter Heads
    • Invoices.     Proposals
    • Quotes.     Envelopes
    • HTML Email Signature
    • Branded Office Equipment

We design Branded Stationary that looks amazing, offers excellent functionality and provides near perfect first impressions, every time.

We also offer “Luxury” printing service, the finest paper, finishes, and materials.

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Branding Services

Brand Strapline (Tagline) Slogan, Motto and Catchphrase

Encourage Brand recognition and enhance brand awareness with clever, creative and snappy phrases that appeal to your target market. All our Brandstraplines, catchphrases and slogans are compelling, consistent with your messaging and compatible with your Audience.

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Branding Services

Brand Identity & Guidelines

A powerful Logo, innovative Stationery Set, unique Typography Kit, Colour Palette. Patterns and Imagery kit that enhance your Brand and increase your Brand Equity. We then house all the Visual assets and Usage Guides in one Brand Book or Brand Guidelines Book.
(Your choice in either a digital format (Free) or a Printed Book (Add-on)

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Branding Services

Complete Branding or Rebranding

The complete Branding Solution that will help any Business achieve their short and long-term goals, rule over the competition, and enjoy long-term success. Research and strategy coupled with powerful visual identity and an engaging and relevant Story.
From Logo to complete overhaul of your existing Brand, get in touch to discuss how our Business Branding can help you.

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  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Stationery Designs
  • Brand Strapline (Tagline) Slogan, Motto and Catchphrase
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Complete Branding or Rebranding
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Stationery Designs
  • Brand Strapline (Tagline) Slogan, Motto and Catchphrase
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Complete Branding or Rebranding

Our Process

Every Brand is unique. We will meet with you to understand the complexities of the project and provide you with a clear timeframe and cost estimates

  • 1 1

    Initial Contact

    30-minute Consultation, we answer all your Branding questions, discuss your Business. No commitment on your part. Just free Value.

  • 2 2

    Discovery Session

    A One to Two hour interview, in person or remote, we send you a Questionnaire in advance to help you prepare and we go over it together during the session.

  • 3 3


    We spare no effort, from Competitor Analysis, social intelligence to analytics and good old-fashioned surveys, clean data we can rely on to build solid foundations for our brand strategy.

  • 4 4

    Strategy and Story

    Your Brands’ Name, DNA, Mission, Vision, Values, personality and other elements of your brand strategy such as the strapline and motto are developed relying on the information collected from the business stakeholders and the data harvested through our specialised tools to ensure we foster a positive connection with your Audience.

  • 5 5


    Now we make your Brand stand out and blend Strategy with art. It starts with a colour palette, then the logo design, done over stages with revisions. Your Brand style guide includes Typography and unique Patterns that should be used across all your Brand’s online and offline touchpoints. Finally, we design an original and innovative stationery set, and like all our other processes, we allow revisions.

  • 6 6


    1. Website: No brand is complete without a website. We can give your Brand a head start on success with a bespoke website. We already know your Business; now it’s about applying our Web Expertise to help you grow. Check our website services or ask about our Bundled packages that combine services such as Full Branding and Website Development in 1 simple but effective solution.
    2. Marketing: Social Media Marketing that focuses on achieving your business goals. We can launch your social media accounts, create and design content through our Social Media Marketing support services, or completely manage the accounts for you. Grow your social media at affordable rates. You could qualify for a free post design. Get in touch.


  • 01 What makes Yasmeen Creative different from other Branding agencies?

    We are former professionals and current entrepreneurs. We spent 10+ years working in Small Business ranging from SMB Banking and Finance to Managing Hospitality and Construction companies. We understand Small Business. Problems, Threats, Pain Points, Frustrations, advantages, opportunities, and we designed our Branding services accordingly.

    We offer solutions that help entrepreneurs and business owners grow. We also provide FREE support and honest advice during the process, leaving you with the peace of mind of always making the right, informed decision.

  • 02 What is Brand Strategy?

    The no thrills definition is that it’s a long term plan a business can implement to achieve predefined business goals by developing a successful brand.

    In other words, a Brand Strategy defines who you are as a business, why you exist, what makes you unique and what your goals are. Now the first part is essential, but it means nothing without defining the target market, their needs, pain points, and then align everything In one easy-to-understand plan that ensures everyone associated with your Brand across all your touchpoints delivers or receives a positive and consistent Brand Experience.

  • 03 What’s the Difference between Strapline, Tagline, Slogan, Motto and Catchphrases?

    Strapline, Taglines and Catchphrases are the same. A short statement of a few words designed to capture attention, encourage recall and associate the Brand with a tone, feeling or value it offers. It reinforces what the Brand stands for or why they’re there without spelling it out. Slogans tend to be long-term and cover the entire Brand.

    Slogan: The word slogan is derived from a medieval Scottish war cry. Today a slogan is also a short, powerful statement of a few words designed to capture attention, encourage recall and associate a product or a campaign with a theme or Value. Slogans tend to have shorter lifespans than Taglines and don’t cover the entire Brand, just a part of it.

    Motto: A motto is a short statement or phrase that captures the Brand’s values. It has very little to do with the specific products or services or expertise and everything to do with what your Brand stands for; it’s the statement that reveals your moral standpoint.

  • 04 How long do Brands Last?

    As long as you want them to, assuming your Brand steers clear of controversy, and you never stop maintaining it. The Key to Brand Longevity is sound Strategy, ensuring your data is accurate, your assumptions are correct, and your goals are measurable. But that’s not all; implementing and maintaining the Strategy is just as important. Today, over 5,500 companies are over 200 years old. Branding is not the key to their longevity, their work ethic is, and Branding is no different. Your Brand’s lifespan is Dependant on the Quality of your planning and the amount of work you put in.

  • 05 How can I be sure I like the Design?

    The Branding process involves many questions and exercises to understand how both the business stakeholders and Audience think, what you like and dislike, what your pain points and comfort zones are, and we design accordingly. The process is a give and take, it’s broken down in stages, and we offer multiple concepts and revisions. You will love it, not like it.

  • 06 What’s included in the Full Banding Package?

    Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Strapline, Slogan, Motto, Brand Values, Vision, Mission and USP, 2 Stationary Designs + Email Signature, Colour Palette, Patterns, Illustrations, Typography.

  • 07 What Add-Ons can I add to my Full Branding Package?

    Market Research. A/B Testing. Website Design. Content Production.
    Staff Workshops. Social Media Marketing. Link-building. We are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, meaning Get in touch, we have what you need.

  • 08 Do I get Ownership rights?

    Yes, we never retain rights for something you have fully paid for. We also provide the source files in editable format to send direct to print, or to a different agency/designer.

  • 09 Payment & Timelines?

    All payments are against milestones, and all milestones and timelines are explained in the proposal and contract.
    On Average, any of the various branding services needs 2-3 weeks, except for the Full Branding or Rebrand that requires slightly more time depending on the scope; please take a look at our Branding Process or, better yet, chat with us about how Branding can benefit your Business.

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